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*책고News*고양이뉴스 3개월만에 요양 마치고 건강해진 고양이합사 적응기 After three months of convalescence, a healthy cat returns

구조 후 몸이 약했던 냥냥이가 갑자기 몸이 안좋아져 집에서 3개월 정도 치료후 건강해진 모습으로 돌아 왔습니다.
After the rescue, Cat was weak and suddenly became ill, and after three months of treatment at home, he came back healthy.
더 건강하고 살도 많이 졌습니다. 좋은 가정 찾을때까지 응원해 주세요.
The cat is healthy and has gained a lot of weight. Please support me until Cat find a good family.
3개월만에 와서 걱정했는데 문제 없네요.
It’s been three months and cat have been worried, but there’s no problem.

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